Edgewood Tahoe is proud to be the official home of the American Century Championship. Access to Edgewood will be limited to credentialed guests on July 5. Edgewood will be open to ticketed spectators and Lodge guests July 6 – July 10. Reservations are required. LEARN MORE

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Edgewood Tahoe Resort™ is honored to be recognized as a top destination by worldwide luxury providers.

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Nestled on the shores of Lake Tahoe, North America’s largest alpine lake, and bounded by the majestic peaks of the Sierra, you’ll find Edgewood Tahoe Resort™, a one-of-a-kind boutique resort where luxury reaches new heights every day.

Be it gourmet dining, a soothing day at the spa, legendary golf, easy access to Tahoe’s fabled outdoor activities, or simply sitting back and basking in the wonder of it all, the experiences here are unequaled and the memories everlasting. Advance reservations are required to access Edgewood Tahoe Resort.

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To cherish & protect

Beyond our mission of being a world-class, one-of-a-kind luxury resort lies something infinitely more important, our responsibility to safeguard the precious environment that surrounds us.

Every decision we make and action we take must align with our calling to be stewards of the land, guardians of the Lake, and sincere, difference-making corporate citizens of the communities in which we operate.

To continually minimize our environmental footprint and ensure that this pristine area is just as pristine for those who come after us, as it was for those who came before us.

Key Environmental Initiatives

  • Removal and treatment of 500,000 lbs. of sediment per year from Lake Tahoe via enhanced wetlands and deepened filtration settling ponds.
  • Realignment and daylighting of Edgewood Creek to provide passage and spawning habitat for native fish.
  • Acquisition and demolition of several obsolete and environmentally unsustainable properties, restoring the land to its natural state, and even creating a neighborhood park on one site.
  • An extensive annual fertilizer management plan has been implemented to ensure the protection of natural water sources and environmentally sensitive areas on the golf course.
  • The construction of complex infiltration basins and high flow pretreatment and membrane filtration systems to treat storm water before discharging into the natural stream system.

leed certified

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, otherwise known as LEED is a set of international
sustainability standards employed in the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of Green
Buildings. The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe is proud to be a LEED Silver-Certified Building as a result of the following projects:

  • A lake-sourced cooling system extracting 43-degree water from Lake Tahoe to eliminate electrical cooling and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Use of locally sourced materials, such as the granite from a local quarry, eliminating the need for long-distance shipping.
  • Employee bike racks, shuttles, and locker room showers to encourage Edgewood staff to bike and walk to work.
  • Pedestrian- and bike-friendly pathways to local commercial areas helping to reduce vehicle traffic and emissions.
  • Significant reduction of water usage through engineering efficiencies and leading-edge landscape design.

As if you needed another reason to stay

From exclusive rates to luxurious lodging packages, we’ve got special things in store for you.

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Inspired by the rustic elegance seen in the great lodges of the American West, we’re a place where blissful amenities and Nature’s grandest gifts converge.
With three distinct restaurants, we're always serving what you're hungry for. No matter what the mood or the time of day. Edgewood Tahoe is the alpine definition of delicious.
Edgewood Tahoe is Tahoe's only lakefront golf resort, and home to the American Century Celebrity Championship. Here, you're always on course with awe.
Let the soothing begin! It's time to let our signature brand of deep-breathe pampering banish the furrowed-brow tensions of the mad world you've left behind.

Weddings lake, love & luxury

Your perfect day. The moments you long to create, experience, and share. The love, the smiles, the togetherness. The magic of memories being made and enjoyed in rhapsodic real-time.

Edgewood Tahoe is where perfect days happen.

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meetings & groups meet on a grand scale

A meeting destination that knows no peer. An all-encompassing alpine retreat that inspires adventurous, blue-sky thinking and rewards it with life-affirming moments of natural wonder and world-renowned indulgence. This is where you meet amazement.

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